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SIA Computers Are Customized to Meet Your Most Challenging Need

SIA offers responsive customized service. Every SIA machine is built to order for the end user's needs, with fast delivery.

The systems we sell are built to spec, all the way from straight forward PCs where you select the processor, cabinet, drives, etc. to highly customized workstations and servers calling for custom cabinetry, thermoelectric cooling and the like.

For example, in addition to our regular customer configuration and integration, SIA can offer

Rack configurations, with keyboard and video switches, internal power conditioners or UPSs, and/or custom I/O panels. siaabm108.jpg siaaam108.jpg
SIA Computer Corp.
Unique solid state, thermoelectric air conditioning option complete with air filter, to assure reliable operation in a hostile environment, such as shop floor, file server rooms, and closets. sia203909m108.jpg
Rolling mid tower floor stand with choice of surge protection or UPS self-contained, custom built to mount under our mid tower chassis.   sia203910m108.jpg
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