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SIA Computers Are Ultra-reliable
for Extra Long Life.

At SIA, quality and care show in every detail. Such items as:

100% U.S. designed, high-performance Intel® motherboards. Performance and compatibility is guaranteed.

Carefully tested and integrated, U.S. designed, major brand components are used to complete the configured systems. All parts from processors, memory, disk drives, graphics adapters, monitors, etc. are from major manufactures or suppliers with a proven track record with SIA.

Our high end pedestal and rack models feature two hot swap power supplies to 1400 watts and sturdy, easy maintenance cabinets and fasteners.

Only ball bearing fans are used, and we use extra ones to minimize temperature buildup (as many as ten in our large towers). All are available with alarms for extra maintainability.

All systems are burned-in at elevated temperature for a minimum of 50 hours for workstations and 72+ hours for servers, in final configuration.

Uptime kits are available for all systems, and will be pre-positioned free for orders of ten or more systems.

SIA Computer Corp.
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