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6 reason why SIA Computers are the choice.

sia203917m108.jpg SIA Pro and Extreme i7 Mid-Tower Workstation

SIA Pro and Extreme i7 Mid-Tower Workstation

See video below

SIA Entry-Level Xeon 3500 WS/Server Mid-Tower


SIA Computer Corp.

PC Magazine Editor's Choice for File Servers

SIA Dual i7 Xeon Quad Core Mid-Tower Pedestal/Rack Server SIA Dual Xeon Quad Core Pedestal 5500 Series Server

SIA Dual Xeon Quad Core
Pedestal 5600 Series Server

SIA CBB Core 2 Duo & Quad Notebooks

SIA Pro 13.3" & 15.6"

Custom Integration

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SIA Alert!

February 9, 2016 - Microsoft brought us 13 patches this month, six of them rated ‘Critical’ on the MS scale.  All six resolve RCE (remote code execution) problems in Flash Player, Office, Windows Journal, the PDF Library, Edge, and Internet Explorer.  The rest deal with elevation of privilege, denial of service, and security feature bypass vulnerabilities. For further information Click Here.

  For Custom Access Programming Example

SIA Mid-Tower Video

Workstation Video - See WS Chassis Page

  • Intel exclusive motherboards and cpu's to six (6) cores
  • Dual mirrored, Seagate near-line server drives for data secuity
  • Three (3) chassis fans and no-frills chassis designed for thermal efficiency
  • Extra capacity power supplies to 600w plus for long life and expansion
  • High performance add-in graphics adapters if required for CAD, multimedia and video editing
  • Neatly tied-off wiring, thumb screws, complete chassis labeling, and system manual for easy maintenance



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