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SIA Entry-Level Xeon 3500/Workstation/Server Mid-Tower
SIA Entry-Level Xeon 3500 WS/Server SIA Entry-Level Xeon 3500 WS/Server Details
In addition to the features in common with other SIA workstations, this SIA Entry-Level Xeon 3500 Workstation/Server includes:
  • 2.66 GHz W3520 i7 Xeon W/8MB LGA Standard with many options
  • Intel® MB with up to 16GB ECC DDR3 1333MHz/3.3GHz+ EM64 CPU capable
  • On-board PCle (2)x16 (1)x1 (1) PCI /6+2 SATA 3Gbs RAID
  • 1Gb LAN
  • 1394/ 8+ 2 USB2
  • 600W or larger Easy Maintenance power supply depending on configuration
  • 4+1+(5) Bay/6 BB Fan Enclosure

Includes Standard System Features

Represents bare-bones (see Standard System Features link below). System must be purchased as part of a complete configuration.

Have SIA custom build this unit into the exact configuration you need

For a detailed list of options including memory, CPUs, CD-ROM's, drives, NICs, tapes, video adapters, operating systems, uptime kits, etc., e-mail or call SIA for our complete configuration guide.

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Standard System Features (Common to all SIA Systems)
Chassis Features (Common to all SIA Workstations)
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