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SIA Commercial Quality Workstations

SIA builds a range of mid tower workstations featuring the latest Intel motherboards using Pentium Core to Pentium i5 andi7 series, with our easy maintenance tool-free chassis.

In this fast moving technology field, SIA prides itself on providing their customers with the latest advances to meet their demanding needs. Be sure to check with us to find out about the latest models as they become available.

SIA Computer Corp.

Includes Standard System Features

Represents bare-bones (see Standard System Features link below). System must be purchased as part of a complete configuration.

Have SIA custom build this unit into the exact configuration you need.

For a detailed list of options including memory, CPUs, CD-ROM's, drives, NICs, tapes, video adapters, operating systems, uptime kits, etc., e-mail or call SIA for our complete configuration guide.


SIA Pro i7 Workstation Mid-Tower
SIA i7 Extreme Workstation Mid-Tower
SIA Entry-Level Xeon 3500 Workstation Mid-Tower
Standard System Features (Common to all SIA Systems)
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SIA Pro i7 Workstation