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Hot Swap Pedestal Chassis - Drives - Power Supplies - Fans
SIA Hot Swap Pedestal
SIA Computer Corp.
The standard SIA heavy duty, PFD (Power Factor Corrected) 700 watt power supply chassis it features high security side access panel, intrusion alarm, and six (6) bay slide out hard disk carrier, and four (4) external 5.25" bays. The chassis is also available with a six (6) and four (4) bay hot swap RAID SAS/SATA expanderI backplane with drives accessible externally, behind a lockable front door (pictured below). Ventilation is provided by two hot swap four (4) 4.5" ball bearing chassis fans alarmed off the motherboard, as well as those of the CPUs and power supplies.
Hot Swap Tower
SIA Hot Swap Tower Power Supplies
The heavy duty, hot swap dual redundant 700 watt power supply chassis is shown at left. The lockable front panel door and removable side covers are accessible via large tool-free thumbscrews. The N+1 dual hot swap power supplies offer redundancy and ease of maintenance.
The lockable front door is shown at right.
SIA Hot Swap Tower Lockable Front Door
The six (6) bay hot swap drives The six (6) bay hot swap drive bays are shown at left.
As can be seen at the right, optimal ventilation is provided by four (4) hot swap ball bearing chassis fans with alarms.
SIA Hot Swap Tower Fans


A variety of emergency repair kits are available for these swap out components. In addition a two (2) year SIA warranty and three (3) year OEM Intel warranty cover all related server parts. Please check are Conditions of Sale for complete details.

Also available are LCD monitors and projectors, rack mount cases,uninterruptable power supplies (UPS), keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) switches, printers, commercial grade routers, network switches, point of sale equipment, and specialized CAD equipment.

We also preinstall and stage networks including domains and workgroups, along with application software in the accounting, graphics design, multimedia, and engineering and construction areas. Data recovery and conversions are a specialty.

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