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Standard System Features

All SIA workstations and servers feature Intel® and other American designed and manufactured components to the extent possible. Motherboards and processors by Intel® are used on all desktops and servers.


Seagate SATA and SAS drives, Microsoft keyboards, nVidia and ATI video cards, Adaptec and Intel®/LSI SAS controllers on servers, Tandenberg tape backups, American Power Conversion (APC) UPSs, Microsoft mice, are some of many of our domestic suppliers. Contact Us about our detailed list of options.

Bare-bones Systems on Special Orders

Standard features on each server system are easy maintenance chassis' with ball bearing fans, large easy open thumbscrews, custom assembled and tied off power and drive cables for each configuration, and Microsoft keyboard.  Also includes fully assembled and integrated 50 hour burn-in (72+ on servers), and deluxe slipcase and index tabbed manual.,

For more details about SIA's penchant for reliability, visit our About Us  pages.

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