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PC Magazine Ranks SIA "...Solid (Corporate) Managed PC" Even With Previous Generation System

Richmond, June 2, 1998 -- SIA is proud to announce that PC Magazine's Robert S. Anthony, in its June 30, 1998 issue, ranked SIA's production PII/333 a "...solid (Corporate) managed PC" out of a field of 38, mostly prerelease workstations.

Even though a 333MHz production system shipped for review mid March with Intel's then current Atlanta motherboard and related peripheral components, SIA's  system ranked well up in the field of largely prerelease machines with clock speeds up to 400MHz, marked curiously by IBM's absence.

Production of SIA's higher speed systems began in May.

 PC Mag. 06 98 TXT
 PC Mag. 06 98 JPG
 PC Mag. 03/92 TXT
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