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SIA Entry-Level Xeon 3500 Workstation/Server Mid-Tower

  • i7 Xeon W/8MB L2 Cache LGA 1366
  • 2.66 GHz W3520 with options to 3.2 GHz Plus
  • Intel® Motherboard with up to 16GB ECC DDR3 1333MHz FSB
  • EM64 CPU capable
  • On-board PCIe (2)x16 (1)x1 (1) PCI /6
  • 2 ATA 3GBs RAID
  • 1Gb LAN + 1394/ 8
  • 2 USB2
  • 600W Power supply (Larger P/S's available as required by configuration)
  • Easy maintenance 4+1+(5) Bay/6 BB Fan Enclosurer

Talk to SIA for specific system details and features common to all servers.

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